OGS Spring Book Fair!

Monday, May 17th - Wednesday, May 19th




Parent shopping hours:

Monday, May 17th:        2:00PM-3:00PM     

Tuesday, May 18th:       8:45AM-9:30AM & 2:00PM-3:00PM

Wednesday, May 19th:  8:45AM-9:30AM & 2:00PM-3:00PM


*Parents are not invited to visit the book fair with their children during school hours due to covid restrictions. 



Teachers will not have their wish list books available to purchase at the fair this year.  The only way to contribute to classroom libraries is through our offered eWallet program.  Teachers will use donated funds in their designated eWallets to purchase books.  Lookout for a link from your child's teacher.  


Don't feel comfortable sending your child with cash to school? An eWallet account can also be set up for your child....click here for instructions.


Cash, Check, Credit Cards and eWallet accounts will all be accepted at the Book Fair.  



Jessie Clifford or Elaia Neff



If you are unable to attend our in-person fair, you may access it virtually by clicking here.  However, please shop from our in-person fair if at all possible. It provides a much larger contribution to our fundraiser than shopping online.


Class Schedule

Monday, May 17th

9:30 – 1Z

10:00 – 1P

10:30 - 3I

11:00  – 1G

11:30 – 2V

12:00 – KW

12:30 - 3D

1:00 – 5N

1:30 – 2W


Tuesday, May 18th

10:00 - 4WI

12:00 - KT

12:30 – 3M

1:00 – 5K 

1:30 – 4S


Wednesday, May 19th

9:30 – KB 

10:30 – 5J

11:30 – 2S

12:00 - 4W

12:30 – 1D


 Thank you for your support!